P.A. Intern
(In Studio)

Seeking an ambitious, ready-to-do-what-it-takes studio intern. You must be currently or recently enrolled in film, television, or entertainment college courses. The internship is basic entry level for experience, authentic IMDB credit, a great industry referral, and those determined to be in the industry. This isn't a typical coffee and copies internship. You won't be bored hanging around and everything you contribute will difference to the series.

Experienced professional television and motion picture colleagues (i.e. not student, independent, or news affiliate experienced), please also submit your resume for future consideration.

Minimum Internship Requirements:

• 3-month, 3-weekdays in studio

• 15 hours per week within 8:30a - 6:30p

• Excellent work ethic, integrity, and honesty

• A positive and confident

• Basic computer + software skills

• Detail oriented

• Accuracy focused multi-tasking ability

• Self-driven and motivated

• Arrogance and entitlement free

Submission Requirements:

• Industry Resume

• Passion driven cover letter

• Your (work) availability

• Contact info: mobile + email

• Basic Headshot (for ID purposes only)

If called be up to speed on current events, prepared and confident. Dress the part of someone who wants to break in. Ensure you meet ALL position and submission requirements. Nothing says "I don't pay attention" like failing at the application level.

Good luck Candidate!

Please send all required information to fbrjobs@gmail.com for consideration.

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