FIREBALL RUN: Northern Exposure

FIREBALL RUN: Northern Exposure

Sept 21 - 29 Independence, OH to Bangor, ME
Jamestown, NY, Wellsboro, PA, Watertown, NY, Schenectady, NY, Waterbury, CT, Ogunquit, ME

Just when things went south, they went north. The battle from bragging rights continue in season 6 FIREBALL RUN Northern Exposure. A near solid week of rain makes rally drivers cranky and wet. The game begins in Independence Ohio and lasts 2000 miles to Bangor Maine. Will it be the doctors in a wambulance? the President of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? perhaps the lady race car drivers? the astronaut? You'll root for them all but never guess who wins.

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Episode 1: Seeking Independence 22:57 min

Episode 1: "Seeking Independence"
22:57 min

Nothing like a soggy start as this season kicks off from Independence, OH. Meet a Doctor racing an Ambulance, Timber Tina from CBS's Survivor, an American astronaut and those big ol Canadian Beavers return for more. Once on the road the Fireballers must take part in the epic Normandy invasion.

Episode 2: Everyone Loves Lucy 22:09 min

Episode 2: "Everyone Loves Lucy"
22:09 min

Leaving Conneaut, Ohio the Fireballers are on a zany trek to find a choo-choo, mini lighthouse, grain house and then hike the Panama Rocks. Some will crank it up at Cumin's Diesel plant... while others look for Liberty, meet President Grant, touch the Lindbergh bag,

Episode 3: Say Cheese 21:51 min

Episode 3: "Say Cheese"
21:51 min

Welcome to Allegheny County, New York. Here you will find the finest cheese, some hot firefighters, delectable delights and even a little police action. Meanwhile most of the driver make it to the tiny town of Wellsboro, PA where they must wear togas, find a creepy jail, see the cookie crumble.

Episode 4: Furs, Friends & Hot Chicks 20:58 min

Episode 4: "Furs, Friends & Hot Chicks"
20:58 min

The rally races it to Watkins Glen then heads further north where teams have to kiss an ass, pick up hot chicks, a drive to the oldest arcade in America, find a Woolworth's, see the chapel, meet Napoleon, and ride an ol' jalopy before an epic welcome in Watertown, NY.

Episode 5: Edison Made It All! 20:06 min

Episode 5: "Edison Made It All!"
20:06 min

Episode 6 starts off with teams collaborating with the cops, Ron Seggi gets left behind, the Mayor locates a famous Proctor's theater, someone gets to ride a tank, the Doctors are shocked at the first electrified home in America, and finally everyone meets Glen Sanders.

Episode 6: My Little Pumpkin 21:15 min

Episode 6: "My Little Pumpkin"
21:15 min

Episode 6 has Fireballers shavin time at the TimexExpo, followed by an epic chance to hold the very first comic book printed, then its off to challenge a wooden warrior, see a basilica, carry Welton at the fountain, and meet President JFK. Then its off to Amesbury, MA and Qgunquit, ME.

Episode 7: Goin' Batty 20:08 min

Episode 7: "Goin' Batty"
20:08 min

Rain will not damper spirits in Ogunquit, ME. Soaking wet drivers jump out of a 2000 lb pumpkin and into a museum only be judged (harshly) on their talent. Will it be the day that Leanne & Robert die- on stage? Teams also find a Maze of Terror, the giant tank and finally a field of screams.

Episode 8: Bangor's Big Finish 22:22 min

Episode 8: "Bangor's Big Finish"
22:22 min

Drivers cut it up at the Pet Semetary. The troop greeters bring Timber Tina & Carolyn to tears. The FBI takes down a number of teams. Then, a look back at 2000 miles and 8 days before an epic grand finale on the streets of Bangor Maine.