2015 FIREBALL RUN Space Race

Countdown to Live Production

Sept 25- Oct 4 Hartford, CT to Florida’s Space Coast.
Adventuring to: Queen Anne’s County, MD., Williamsburg, VA., Topsail Island, NC., Florence, SC., Liberty County, GA., Sanford, FL.

The 1950's officially started the space race, but its 2015 and a new race for space readies for lift off. Sept 25th - Oct 3rd 2015. Beginning in Hartford, CT., then adventuring to Queen Anne's, MD., Williamsburg, VA., Topsail Island, NC., Florence, SC., Liberty County, GA., and finishing 8 days later to a massive city-wide parade finish in Cocoa Beach, Florida. This season features 4 Astronauts from 4 nations vs the 40 multinational driving teams.

Featured 07/31/15

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Team  Sanford FL

Team Sanford FL

"We have the perfect location for the Plastic Road Sign!" -Mayor Triplett "Does Jeff's picture look blurry to you? If yes, please vote!" -Don The City of Sanford is proud to be a host city for this years event and sponsor Mayor Jeff Triplett and neighbor Don Schreiner to represent "Team Sanford." Jeff is father of 2 very active boys, and Don a father of 4 children. Family means everything to them and upon learning what the race is about, they went to work on clearing their schedules and raising funds. Their goal is to spend a minimum of $1,000 in each of the eight destination cities for items that can be used for homeless shelters and donate them in kind.

Topsail Island

Topsail Island

Welcome to our home, where beautiful beaches and a glimmering Intracoastal Waterway set the stage for a vacation getaway. Cross the iconic Swing Bridge and bask in an environment we call "Island Time" - a time zone that moves at a slower pace, where life glides with the tides. Topsail Island is dotted with family-run hotels, motels, and beach houses. Our restaurants cook up the freshest seafood catches on the coast. Our boutiques and shops are as casual and stylish as our lifestyle. Visit our turtle hospital that rescues hundreds of endangered turtles each year. Take a boat cruise and enjoy watching the dolphins in our waterway. Sample our history which is rich with pirate legends and a legacy propelled by rockets. This is Topsail Island, where Island Time is your time.

(Ep 1) Fantastic Frisco

(Ep 1) "Fantastic Frisco"

The competition begins as competitors square off in the green flag city of Frisco, Texas. To win this the Fireballers must solve clues based on America's frontier.