EO's Fireball Run Experience

EO's Fireball Run Experience is a 1-day, 2-evening, private 'driventure' with immersive, historic, cultural, and exclusive experiences enhanced with competitive aspects from the 11-season Amazon series, Fireball Run with a special celebrity-guest appearance by former Marvel Entertainment & Rock Hall of Fame President- Terry Stewart!

Rare. Epic. Historic. Nowhere else can you literally touch, engage, meet and experience genuine history. Not just "up close"; tactile engagement changes you, your attitude, and truly bonds you to the moment.  

Fireball Run isn't about 'where', it's 'what' you're permitted to do when and if you arrive. EO's untelevised pilot takes place entirely within the DFW area; and if you think you know this area- think again.

Participation is limited to just 25, two-person Entrepreneur Organization member driving teams. Go exotic, roll in style, or drive in comfort... every vehicle from the excentric to exciting is welcome.  

Game Categories Are: Historic Artifacts, Exclusive Access, Field Expert Excursions, Cultural Engagement, Legendary People, Unusual Experiences, Private Collections, Motoring & Physical Challenges. 

EO Fort Worth member inquiries email Lisa Hall at lhall@bene-marc.com.