FIREBALL RUN: All Stars & Movie Cars

FIREBALL RUN: All Stars & Movie Cars

Sept 27 - Oct 5 Longmont, CO to Riverside, CA
Alamosa, CO., Bloomfield, NM., Page, AZ., Gallup, NM., Mesa, AZ., El Centro, CA.

Season 7 kicks off with a returning celebrity cast; renown stunt driver Artie Malesci, Lamborghini legend Valentio Balboni, pro rodeo champions Kelly Kaminski & Amy Wilson, Ohio State Reps Marlene Anielski & Cheryl Grossman, Astronaut Jon McBride, and Car Warriors Host Ray McClelland! The adventure rolls west from Longmont Colorado to Riverside California and everywhere in between. Everything goes according to plan until a team of greedy oil guys literally hijack the game.

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Episode 1: Longmont Underwater 5:00 min

Episode 1: "Longmont Underwater"
5:00 min

One week prior to FIREBALL RUN the starting line city of Longmont encounters biblical floods, problems plague the production crew and FIREBALL RUN Announcer Ron Seggi gets it in the end. And the show hasn't even started yet.

Episode 2: Legend in Alamosa 5:00 min

Episode 2: "Legend in Alamosa"
5:00 min

The race lands in the Pueblo Aircraft Museum, a team breaks down in Walsenburg, and other go on a wild goose chase to the Great Sand Dunes while make their case at CIA headquarters. All before meeting racing legend Bobby Unser in the rain in Alamosa, Colorado.

Episode 3: Booming Bloomfield 5:00 min

Episode 3: "Booming Bloomfield"
5:00 min

Day 3 begins at a supersized solar array, there's something fishy in Southfork, CO and everyone goes on a National Lampoon Vacation before cooler heads prevail at A&W in Aztec. Drivers get high on their horse and end with a wet fish at the Majestic Enchantment Ranch in Bloomfield, NM.

Episode 4: Native Land 5:00 min

Episode 4: "Native Land"
5:00 min

Adventure rages on the San Juan. The search for a Bill of Rights is a success. Teams go inside a sacred kiva at the Solomon Ruins and everyone meets the last Navajo Code Talker in Navajo Nation... then a kid-frenzied finish in Bloomfield, NM.

Episode 5: Majestic Page AZ 5:00 min

Episode 5: "Majestic Page AZ"
5:00 min

Some teams get high on a Grand Canyons Airline flight to the filming location of Superman III, others coast to Lake Powell to see the Planet of the Apes and a final group of Fireballers hit rock bottom with a ride to the scene of the Flintstones. That’s all in Day 4- Welcome to Majestic Page, AZ.

Episode 6: Trader Territory 5:00 min

Episode 6: "Trader Territory"
5:00 min

Houseboats and hot tubs means there won’t be much sleeping in Page, Arizona. Day 5 goes to Gallup and teams must locate 150 Traders. The show becomes a Mickey Mouse operation when someone BUYS the game, dons a native dress, and gets pecked by the Great Horned Hawk.

Episode 7: Mesa Art & Aviation 5:00 min

Episode 7: "Mesa Art & Aviation"
5:00 min

The trading continues at Tanners and Silver Dust Trading and day 5 ends to a cultural celebration. Day 6 goes west to Payson Arizona, teams locate the last alien, meet a WASP and an Apollo Astronaut. Then then things generally get epic with a legendary meeting at the Cessna plant in Mesa, AZ.

Episode 8: Tiny Dancers  5:00 min

Episode 8: "Tiny Dancers "
5:00 min

Although art around Mesa is plentiful, it’s the “make a life mask” challenge at the Mesa Arts Center that leads to laughter. If you think that’s funny see teams take on a tutu, dance and get criticized by itty bitty Ballerina judges. Day 7 begins with teams between a rock and a past place.

Episode 9: Lesson in Literature 5:00 min

Episode 9: "Lesson in Literature"
5:00 min

Charity fills the air and teams fill the charity in El Centro, California. Things drag on at a Pioneers Museum, some have their butt branded, Barbara finds her Worth, and everyone learns how to make masa at Johnny’s place. This episode leaves you feeling a little better about humanity.

Episode 10: Riverside Mystery 5:00 min

Episode 10: "Riverside Mystery"
5:00 min

Day 7 ends with a couple of Fireballers getting hitched. Day 8, the final day begins with a Zero hero, a little doggie doo, a presidential fire brigade, taking seat in a SR-71 and historic race car, all before hitting the catacombs to hold a fragment from Amelia Earheart's original airplane.

Episode 11: A Parade Finish 5:00 min

Episode 11: "A Parade Finish"
5:00 min

It’s an emotional and epic end to the life-changing 8 day, 14 city, 40 team, 2000 mile FIREBALL RUN. 35,000 spectators celebrate with a city-wide parade finish in downtown Riverside, California and just before it ends there's just one more life-changing moment for a high flying Fireballer.