Fireball Run: Trinity Experience

Fireball Run Trinity Experience® is a 5-day, 4-night, all VIP 'driventure' enhanced with personal immersive, historic, cultural, and culinary experiences. All leading to a rare visit to the high-security desert site of the first atomic detonation.

For eleven seasons Amazon’s adventure-travel series, The Fireball Run® has taken viewers on the wildest ride to the most amazing, interesting and often obscure places abroad. Leveraging our knowledge of the obscure epic history we now offer show-inspired exclusive, private and interactive expert guided expeditions to New Mexico's most historic achievements.

Unlike the series, Fireball Run Experiences are not a competition. Instead they're extraordinary VIP driventures to the best of under-discovered America. From gaining special access to personally engaging artifacts and antiquities so untouchable they can’t be revealed. We take the road less traveled to places most travelers miss, get history’s full story, personally meet those that lived it, and participate alongside experts creating it.

Fireball Run: Trinity Experience takes place entirely in New Mexico. Participation is exclusive and limited to just 15, two-person adult adventourists. Guests considering this caravan should share an appreciation of space, science, spiritual, astrological, and archeological-centric history. Courtesy vans are provided for non-paved sites, therefore any personal vehicle is applicable.