Balloon Fiesta Experience

Fireball Run 'Balloon Fiesta'® Experience® is a 6-day, 5-night, beyond VIP 'driventure' enhanced with immersive, historic, cultural, and culinary experiences. All leading up to your personal participation in the world's biggest ballooning event. 

Forget touring and start doing. Venturing with Fireball Run means unprecedented access, personal treatment, historic opportunities, and seriously immersive experiences. 

Vacations are for tourists. Tours are too tame. Extreme adventures aren't exclusive. What differentiates us from others isn't the location- it's what you'll do when you get there. 

Fireball Run: 'Balloon Fiesta' Experience takes place entirely in New Mexico. Participation is exclusive and limited to just 15, two-person adult adventourists. Get exotic, go in style, or drive in comfort... any personal vehicle is acceptible in this adventure.