ENG Camera Operator
(Self-Producing Field)

Adventurous Camera Operator

Filming: September 21 - 30, 2017

Locations: Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota

Seeking disciplined, professional, and creative self-producing ENG camera operator for Amazon distributed adventure-travel series. Producer-Shooters only, meaning you filmed and directed talent. Reality TV, documentary, or relevant content demo reel required (i.e. does not included feature, episodic, or corporate works).

Professional, respectful, and energetic lesser experienced operators seeking an opportunity to prove or improve skills also welcome to apply. However, demo reel must reflect producer-shooter skills.

Applicants must be in excellent physical condition, able to run with gear, and embrace adventure with passion. The series is filmed in real-time and fast paced, typically 7:30 am - 6:00p, there after working with DIT, and prepping for the next day.

Have a professional attitude, excellent work ethic, arrogance and entitlement free, disciplined, and respect supervision.

Additional consideration afforded military veterans, sports cam ops, and reality experienced.

Panasonic Ag-DVX200 cameras used. Note if you are experienced with this camera.

Prior to submission, confirm work on dates noted above.

Production Provides: Air/Ground transportation, meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner), 3-star+ accommodations.

Submission Requirements: Demo reel (or link), resume, brief cover letter, equipment experience list, all contact information including mobile. Minimum (5) Producer, AD, or Director references in relation to your camera services to them.

Please send all required information to fbrjobs@gmail.com for consideration.

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