Editor- Orlando Candidates Only

This is an internal staff position- no contractors/freelancers. Seeking creatively brilliant editor for a television entertainment series headquartered in Orlando. Candidate must be energetic, detail oriented, have superior communication and organization skills. This televised, streamed and live production is both fast paced and exciting. Candidate should have an appreciation for adventure, history and culture, the mental ability to work within the high pressure television industry. Positive attitude a must. All applicants either completing film school or with expansive industry experience will be considered. This is a skilled position, do not apply if you: have not completed film/entertainment industry school or have no TV or feature entertainment editing experience. Compensation consummate experience.

Salary Range: $25,000. - $35,000. Consummate experience

If you do not submit required information you cannot be considered.

Submit: (1) Cover Letter, (2) Current Contact Info, (3) Resume, (4) Demo Reel, (5) Referrals

Please send all required information to fbrjobs@gmail.com for consideration.

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