Series Announcer
(Auto Vlogger)

Are you an auto vlogger enthusiast?

Are you up for travel and once in a lifetime adventures?

Do you have a great personality and supreme knowledge of cars?

Seeking: The FIREBALL RUN Adventurally Series is seeking a charismatic auto vlogger to cast as its new “Announcer” character. Within the 44 minute, 13 episode series, the Announcer’s role is to entertain spectators and streaming audiences while also engage in on-camera antics and serve as car commentator.

About the Show: The FIREBALL RUN adventure travel series is the story of 40 driving teams as they compete in a legendary 8 day, 2000 mile life-sized trivia pursuit game. All while aiding in a massive effort to recover America’s Missing Children. The series is available on the Adeys Network; GooglePlay, Roku, AmazonfireTV, SmartTV, NEO-TV, Chromecast and online at Season 9 FIREBALL RUN features participation by four international astronaut teams.

About the Production: Independently produced and created by J. Sanchez, a former ad agency executive turned rally driver, the FIREBALL RUN began in 2007 as a uniquely stylized road rally. Today it has evolved it into an exciting online entertainment series and popular live event.

Producers are updating the show to expand its audience and reach. In doing so they are looking for a vibrant, youthful and energetic person to wear the FIREBALL RUN red jacket as its new Announcer and share the camera with a new show host.

If this seems like an exciting opportunity and you would like to audition for this role email the following information. No calls.

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