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Missing Child

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    June 2010
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  • Kalia Caballero
    Fresno, CA
    DOB 1998-08-20
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  • Gabriel Johnson
    Tempe, AZ
    DOB 2009-05-03
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  • Wendy Diaz
    Dallas, TX
    DOB 2006-11-07
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  • Grisdalis Roteta
    Rochester, NY
    DOB 1997-05-28
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    Tiffin, OH
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  • Christopher Ortiz
    Sturbridge, MA
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  • Brian Yeagley
    Colorado Springs, CO
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  • Charlisa Blackburn
    Vero Beach, FL
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  • Tageanna Griffith
    Niagra Falls, NY
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Event Name: All Stars & Movie Cars

Anticipated Media: $44 Million+

Anticipated Live Audience: 45,000+



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Team driver - Astronaut Jon McBride, Shuttle Pilot for
Atlantis and now Director of Astronaut Education at Kennedy
Space Center; co-pilot is Bonnie King, Director for Film and Special Events for the Space Coast tourism office. Both of these space enthusiasts treasure children and hope this race will reunite families. On the road, Bonnie and Jon will be promoting Kennedy Space Center and SPACE FLORIDA.... touting the new attraction of shuttle Atlantis on display and how we foster the growth and development of a sustainable and world-leading space industry in Florida. In addition, they will promote the Space Coast as a vacation destination. Home to cruises out of Port Canaveral;a zoo that has a zipline and kayaking around the animals; spectacular array of wildlife and unspoiled habitats; East Coast surfing capital; www.visitspacecoast.com

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Demo Description

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Team Enid

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Frisco personifies “Progress In Motion,” so this team definitely knows how to put the pedal to the metal. We call our city Texas’ rising star; we are one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the United States and one of the friendliest. Mayor Maher Maso has been at Frisco’s helm since 2008 and Councilmember John Keating has served since 2010.

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Representing Pulaski County Tourism are MO House State Representative Steven Lynch and Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cecilia Murray. Competitive spirit and desire to achieve powers this dynamic duo to race for the recovery of America’s missing children. Cecilia Murray has been leading the Waynesville-St. Robert Chamber for a decade. The organization was honored by MO Chamber as the 2013 Chamber of the Year. She is the driving force behind the motto “Progress In Action". Rep. Lynch represents most of the southern half of Pulaski County (District 122); elected to his first two-year term in November 2012. Rep. Lynch has been a community leader involved in over 30 years in organizations like: Chamber of Commerce, Armed Services YMCA, Salvation Army, and Rotary, as well as school and county committees, other local organizations, events and causes.

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Chamber Chicks of Mesa, AZ

Sally Harrison, President & CEO of the Mesa Chamber and member, Allison Ewers, Partner of HP2 representing 2013 host city, Mesa, Arizona team up to bring home a missing child.
Giving back is important and what better way can they do that than to focus on a missing child?

Web: chamberchicksofmesaaz.com
Facebook: chamberchicks
Twitter: @chamberchicksaz
Instagram: chamberchicks

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Five time Fireballer, Ronald Ferguson is Chief Engineer and investor at the GENiSYSS corporation, located in Santa Barbara, California. He is an avid car rally enthusiast, and former rocket scientist. He is an automotive Gearhead and enthusiastic member of the DeLorean Owners Association.

Stephen Wynne is the Owner and CEO of the new DeLorean Motor Company. DMCH (Texas), as they are sometimes known, has an additional five authorized, franchised dealers in Bonita Springs, Florida; Crystal Lake, Illinois; Huntington Beach, California; Bellevue, Washington and Hem, The Netherlands.

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TEAM TIMECAR - TEAM #15 has been a competitor in the Fireball Run since 2008 and has not missed a season since. Driving what the TV show TMZ hails as "The Worlds Most Loved and Booked DeLorean Time Machine," we look forward each year to adding smiles and joy to the people we will meet in the cities we will visit during the eight days of the Fireball Run Adventurally. We have won just about every award you can from the Worst Luck Award, Third Place, Second Place, First Place, and even the highest honors The Glenn "FIREBALL" Roberts' "Spirit of a Legend" Award. Although the Fireball Run is an 8 day, 2,000 mile journey for most, it is a 365 day a year mission for us. Austin Cole Hernandez has been assigned to Team Timecar to long and needs to be found. This year is going to be our year for Austin.

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Hunter & the Invisible Sentry

Roger and Hunter are a father/son team hailing originally from Georgia. Roger now resides in Missouri where he is a government contractor and inventor. Hunter is a business litigation attorney with the law firm of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP in Sarasota, Florida. They enjoy outdoor adventures, trivia and fast cars, making this family duo ideal for what lies ahead! This year, these first time competitors look to make history by winning the Fireball Run as rookies, while also celebrating Roger's 64th birthday!!

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Passport Transport is a leading transporter of collector and specialty automobiles. Our company uses custom-designed , fully enclosed trailers with rel-time online GPS tracking and security. We are entrusted to ship thousands of vehicles from Concours' Winners to the original Batmobile. Neil Pitt, President and co-owner will be Fireballing with his wife Ki. Life is a highway - We're going your way!

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Marlene Anielski, State Representative, and Debe Terhar, President of the State Board of Education, are elected officials from Ohio. Treasuring our children and reuniting them with their families is our goal. Also bringing awareness of educating others about youth suicide prevention for the protection of our most precious gifts, our children.

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LEGALLY INSANE sums up how we conduct ourselves in life. Together over 20 years, we live together with our kids Martina (18) and Bryan (15) and practice law together. Our motto is the world can never have enough smiles. Help us make the world a better place! Want to have fun with your attorneys? Give us a call. FMS Lawyer is a small law firm that may be the last of the general practice law firms; literally doing everything, in-house or by referral. Frank loves deal making and overseas solutions. The firm supports a thriving sports and entertainment practice representing mixed martial artists, wrestlers, tattoo artists and professional athletes in other sports. WE ALSO REPRESENT THE FIREBALL RUN! We don’t see problems, only solutions. Let us help by keeping your legal world in balance. Find us at www.fmslawyer.com or on twitter @arealitycheck.

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Team Scary Car

Adam & Buddy return for their 3rd spin at the wheel as Team #ScaryCar. The Rally Fighter, looks like a race car, rides like a luxury vehicle. This 50-state street legal off-road desert racer is at home on the open road, the daily commute, and on the most challenging desert terrains; it is truly the ultimate expression of power, performance and prestige.

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Ariane & Tracy are participating in FBR for their third year. Both women are involved with multiple charities in each of their communities to raise funds for children and education. They also share a passion for cars & car events having competed together and with others on numerous occasions and in many different locations. Fireball Run Adventurally is the perfect combination of all of these endeavors. The Ladies are thankful that the child they represented in 2012 was safely reunited with her family. The child that they are now representing is named Alexander Erb-Sanchez. He is currently seven years old and went missing November 7, 2008, from Ellenton, Florida. Please take a look at his photo. Have you seen him? Please show his picture plus the photos of all the other teams' children to as many people as possible. Please help them!!

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Bill and Valerie are returning for their third year of Fireball Run, and are excited to discover America’s Frontier and what it has to offer. The intensity of raising awareness for missing children is what keeps them returning each year. In the “off” season, they run a Volkswagen, Mazda, Porsche, and Audi dealership in Falmouth, Maine.

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Team 37 Visit Longmont is made up of two business owners from Longmont, Colorado.
Frank Oliver, owner of Oliver Financial Group, teams up with Sean Owens, Owner of The Dickens Tavern and Opera House . Both are located in Longmont Colorado, the official starting line for the 2013 Fireball Run. In 2013 Team Visit Longmont did very well and won the prestigious Most Cunning award. This is a fun loving team that gets to pursue their love of helping communities while having a great time in The Fireball Run.
Watch live as Team Visit Longmont gets themselves in and out of precarious situations across America while in pursuit of finding Americas missing children.

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Line Producer's Vehicle

As Series Line Producer, Casey supports the vision of FIREBALL RUN by connecting Directors and Producers to all facets of the production. The Line Producers also manages day to day pre-production, principal photography, contracting, location logistics and script drafts. During live production Casey oversees proper execution of key decisions to ensure the production stays on schedule and within the locked budget.

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Executive Producer's Vehicle

J. Sanchez is the Executive Producer of the FIREBALL RUN Series and renown branding luminary. Mr. Sanchez has served in several leadership roles; Central Florida Board of Governors, Central Florida Partnership, City of Orlando Goodwill Ambassador, and in 2006 was elected Chairman of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce. Sanchez, a native of New Mexico, has a comprehensive background in international relations, Federal, State and local government. He was also a US Air Force f-15 Crew Chief.

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Assistant Producer's Vehicle

Richie serves as the Assistant Producer for the FIREBALL RUN Series. As Assistant Producer Richie is responsible for location selection, coordination, as well as contributing to creative conceptualization. He is also responsible for organizing and hiring the crew. 2014 marks his third season with the FIREBALL RUN. A Full Sail University Graduate, Richie has worked for entertainment giants Walt Disney Pictures and Spike TV.

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Government Liaison's Vehicle

Matthew Morak qualifies destinations which may appeal to series producers while also relating to its executive level participants. Through meeting with local and State leadership, Matthew identifies host area industry and commercial goals so to bridge informal and casual introductions to the influential participants of FIREBALL RUN; introductions which may lead to future economic enrichment.

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Team IHRA is part of the IRG Sports + Entertainment family of brands which includes the International Hot Rod Association, Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series, Sonic Rush Tour, Palm Beach International Raceway, Palm Beach Driving Club, Memphis International Raceway and Southwestern International Raceway. Team IHRA is proud to support the FIREBALL RUN!

Connect with us on social media:

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Stan Piurkowski is a 3rd year veteran of the Fireball Run, He is a developer/ builder, both commercial and residential, owns and rents office and store front space in Waterbury CT. He restores American classic cars as a hobby and will sometimes sell one on his master pieces. Stan built the Custom 1962 Ford Ranchero 302 high output with an AOD trans. It is Peter Corel’s 2nd year participating, he is the IT guy for Xtreme Green® (websites, development of digital marketing & campaigns). Please help find Andrea Reyes!

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Elaine Larsen and Marisha Falk both live life at full throttle. Drivers of jet powered dragsters they are part of an elite group of jet jockeys. These girls are geared up and ready to meet this new challenge.
Elaine is CEO of Larsen Motorsports and is the inspiration for her own comic book. She has found her home behind the wheel of her jet dragsters.
Marisha is a double alumna of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science and a Master of Business Administration. At only 27 years old Marisha holds her multi-engine air transport and certified flight instructor ratings and is a three time medal winner in the Women’s Air Race Classic.
For more about the Ladies go to LMSJETS.com

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Sedalia Trailblazers

Ron Ditzfeld & Rick Yeager are both lifelong residents of Sedalia, MO. Ron Ditzfeld is President of Ditzfeld Transfer Inc. His parents started the company in 1960. Ditzfeld Transfer Inc. is one of the mid west leading transportation, warehouse, & distribution service providers. Ron is an avid race fan! He was nicknamed The Devil by his racing friends, which they say it's not a nickname it's an earned reputation! Rick Yeager has retired from the family owned business, Yeager's Cycle Sales, a Harley-Davidson sales & service dealership. Rick purchased the dealership from his father and managed it for 27 years. He raced motorcycles, open wheel midgets, & 360 sprint cars, where he received the nickname Motorcycle Man! Rick enjoys riding his motorcycle with his wife all over the country. Both Ron & Rick are very dedicated & involved in their community!

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“The Girls of Ill Repute”, better known as the I-TEAM, are ready to hit the road running this year at the Fireball Run. All the way from New York State’s Capital Region, IntegraOptics has entered two of their most fierce competitors, “Calamity” Jean Sullivan and Marlena “Sharp Shooter” Miller. “Calamity” Sullivan, the VP of Operations at IntegraOptics, is always looking for an adventure. With an energetic and clever personality, Sullivan is ready to take the challenge by storm. Her team partner, Marlena “Sharp Shooter” Miller, IntegraOptics’ Manager of Software Programming and Development, never backs down from a challenge. Raising two energetic young boys, Miller is creative and resourceful, which will add to the team’s success during the challenge.

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Team 77 from Canada has chosen the beaver as our team mascot, who doesn't love a cute and cuddly beaver! John and Rick have worked together in the oil field for almost 30 years. Rick supplies drilling and completion equipment, mostly in Albania and John owns an oil and gas company. Rick drives and is in charge of being wonderful and good looking. John navigates and is in charge of all things IT and kilts. This is our fourth year on the Fireball and our strategy is to raise awareness of our missing child and bring her home. Family is important to the Beavers, Fireball is one way we give back to our community to bring a Canadian family back together, After finding our missing child, Johns biggest wish is for snore cancelling ear plugs, Rick wishes for world peace and a translator for Johns directions. Remember, two thongs don't make a right.

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2008 Miss Rodeo America and RFD-TV television host Amy Wilson and 10-time WPRA world champion roper Jackie Crawford comprise WPRA’s Team 88-The Cowgirls. The Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) is the oldest women’s sports organization in the country headquartered in Colorado Springs. For more information visit www.wpra.com.

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Truex trio natives of Indiana

(The Peace Keeper)
Don: Is a career law officer, enjoying life
family and friends makes him the peace
keeper of the trio.
(The Gambler)
Polly: Resides in Las Vegas and
is always looking for that lucky number.
(The Treasure Hunter)
Tim: Living on the treasure coast is always
on the look out for that clue for lost and
unknown treasures.

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