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Missing Child Image

Missing Child

  • Dalene Mcilwain
    Niagara Falls, NY
    DOB 1998-11-08
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Wendy Diaz
    Dallas TX
    DOB 2006-11-07
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Ayla Reynolds
    Waterville ME
    DOB 2010-04-04
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Abraham Campos
    Houston, TX
    DOB 2000-09-06
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Tageana Griffith
    Niagara Falls NY
    DOB 2004-08-12
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Amandeep Singh
    Orlando FL
    DOB 1998-11-08
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Haleigh Cummings
    Satsuma FL
    DOB 2009-02-10
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Kara Kopetsky
    Belton MO
    DOB 1990-02-17
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Alexander Erb-Sanchez
    Ellenton FL
    DOB 2007-07-20
    Call 800-843-5678

  • John Martens
    Muleshoe TX
    DOB 2002-05-31
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Cedrika Provencher
    Trois-Riviere Quebec (CANADA)
    DOB 1997-08-29
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Beck Hotsenpiller
    Springfield, MO
    DOB 2011-04-25
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Jacqueline Hernandez
    Clermont, FL
    DOB 2001-10-18
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Charlisa Blackburn
    Vero Beach FL
    DOB 1998-03-09
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Lisa Irwin
    Kansas City MO
    DOB 2010-11-11
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Gabriel Johnson
    Tempe AZ
    DOB 0009-05-31
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Briana Reed
    Little Rock, AR
    DOB 2006-11-29
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Jessica Ramirez
    Kissimmee, FL
    DOB 1996-11-28
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Brian Yeagley
    Colorado Springs CO
    DOB 1999-03-11
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Zakieria Grandberry
    Tampa FL
    DOB 1997-07-20
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Jacob Calhoun
    Tamarac, FL
    DOB 2009-04-28
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Giovanni Gonzalez-Colon
    Lynn, MA
    DOB 2003-05-01
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Kaenan Randall
    Carlisle, NY
    DOB 2012-07-09
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Abraham Campos
    Houston TX
    DOB 2000-08-06
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Tanya Morales
    Reading PA
    DOB 2001-06-04
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Austin Hernandez
    Tehachapi, CA
    DOB 1996-06-10
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Alexa Galdamez
    Springdale, AR
    DOB 2007-10-11
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Adji Desir
    Immokalee FL
    DOB 2002-10-15
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Lakeisha Martinez
    Clermont FL
    DOB 1997-03-25
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Cameron Parmer
    Palm Beach Gandens FL
    DOB 1998-01-23
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Joeline Thomas
    Staten Island NY
    DOB 1998-06-21
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Samuel Robison
    Phoenix AZ
    DOB 2005-05-24
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Andrea Reyes
    New Haven CT
    DOB 1997-11-09
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Ashley Summers
    Cleveland OH
    DOB 1993-06-16
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Joshua Davis
    New Braumfels, TX
    DOB 2009-08-16
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Sydney Cater
    Oklahoma City, OK
    DOB 1998-06-27
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Alyssa Watson
    Ontario, CA
    DOB 2003-04-14
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Gloria Alvarado
    Sanford, FL
    DOB 1997-03-30
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Kylie Lawrence
    Springfield, MO
    DOB 1997-07-13
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Trenton J. Duckett
    Leesburg FL
    DOB 2004-08-10
    Call 800-843-5678

  • Tiannah Annibal
    Longmont CO
    DOB 2005-07-08
    Call 800-843-5678




Event Name: America's Frontier

Anticipated Media: $65 million

Anticipated Live Audience: 75,000



Team CPS: Craig Corbell II is president of Continental Production Services,Inc. an Oil and Gas Industry Consulting Firm. He is an avid car collector and he is looking forward to this years FireBall Run and supporting efforts to raise awareness




Astronaut Jon McBride, Shuttle Pilot for Atlantis and now Director of Astronaut Education at Kennedy Space Center; Bonnie King, Director for Film and Special Events for the Space Coast tourism office.

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First Year Fireballers, Enid physician and City Commissioner David Vanhooser and local business owner Aaron Brownlee are no strangers to new adventures. Both actively involved with numerous local organizations and pleased to call Enid home.

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Frisco personifies “Progress In Motion,” We call our city Texas’ rising star; one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the USA and one of the friendliest. Mayor Maso has been at Frisco’s helm since 2008 and Councilmember John Keating since 2010

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Agents of Shield

We are Team Agents of Shield we will drive a vehicle that will defend our country from foreign radicals and best of all provide transportation for our troops and a safe and mobile vehicle that can conquer all terrains!! We are indeed lucky enough to drive this Local Motors vehicle built for the US army, it just looks amazing, can't wait to get inside it and help to recover America's Missing children.




Representing the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau are Missouri House District #122 State Representative Steven Lynch and Waynesville- St. Robert Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cecilia Murray. Their competitive spirit and a desire to achieve powers this dynamic duo to join the race for the recovery of America's missing children. On a mission...Team Pulaski Pride is in it to win it!! Ask them about Pulaski County USA!

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Mesa Chamber Chicks

Sally Harrison, President & CEO of the Mesa Chamber and member, Allison Ewers, Partner of HP2 representing 2013 host city, Mesa, Arizona team up to bring home a missing child.




Five Time Fireballer Ronald Ferguson is Chief Engineer for the GENiSYSS Corporation, avid car rallye Enthusiast, and Rocket Scientist. Liverpool-Born Stephen Wynne is the owner and CEO of the new DeLorean Motor Company in Texas.





“Munchie” is a 1967 VW Beetle that has been restored back to the classic late 60’s era as it once was. Granola Jones felt that the first official marketing vehicle needed to instill PEACE,LOVE,GRANOLA® everywhere Munchie rolls



6th Time Fireball Competitor: TEAM TIMECAR: Doc & Reba (Clara) Nigh Pilot the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future. Winners of the Glenn (FIREBALL) Roberts’ “Spirit of a Legend” Award. Booking: www.TEAMTIMECAR.com. We have also won 3rd, 2nd, and 1st Place in our category and the Worse Luck Award for breaking down twice in 2010 during the Henderson to Galena rally. Doc and Reba perform close to 200 show dates each year as which 98% are for Children's Charities. Doc is the Director of Star Car Central - Inland Empire and San Diego. Doc speaks across the nation on the subject of America's Missing Children. Doc is the CEO/Founder of Custom Pins and Buckles. Reba is a realtor. Both earn the funds need to do all of the charity shows with the help of gracious friends that donate to our cause.



Hunter & IS

Roger & Hunter are a father/son team hailing originally from Georgia. Roger now resides in MO where he is a government contractor & inventor. Hunter is a business litigation attorney with the law firm of Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP in Sarasota FL



Passport Transport

Passport Transport is a leading transporter of collector and specialty automobiles. Our company uses custom-designed , fully enclosed trailers with rel-time online GPS tracking and security.




Marlene Anielski, State Representative, and Debe Terhar, President of the State Board of Education, are elected officials from Ohio. Treasuring our children and reuniting them with their families is our goal.

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LEGALLY INSANE sums up how we conduct ourselves in life. Together over 20 years, we live together with our kids Martina and Bryan and practice law together. Our motto is the world can never have enough smiles. Help us make the world a better place!



Team Allegany: #21 Gretchen Hanchett, Executive. Dir. of the Allegany County Chamber & Office of Tourism Certified Traffic Control cjoyce@CTCsigns.com is owned by Christine Joyce “Creating Signage for NYS”. Allegany County NY is known for its scenic countryside, offering endless venues for the nature lover and hunters. Allegany County is nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains and offers a wide variety of activities appealing to all visitors. We have a relaxed, unhurried way of life with a full menu of seasonal activities including hunting and fishing, fairs, outdoor sports, and special interest events such as a Trout Derby, an Artisans Tour, a Hot Air Balloon Rally, County Fair, and a Garlic Festival to name a few. Large and small game hunting, fishing, hiking, back-packing, skiing, photography, canoeing and swimming can all be enjoy




Adam & Buddy return for their 3rd spin at the wheel as "Team Rally Fighter". The Rally Fighter, looks like a race car, rides like a luxury vehicle.


Orlando Film Fest

The Orlando Film Festival team is back for their 2nd Fireball Run. We run the Orlando Film Festival and it is our passion! The Festival this year is from 10/22–10/26 at Cobb Plaza Cinema Cafe in Downtown Orlando Florida.



Kevin and Cookie Dean owners of Provider Power. We live half of the year in Port Aransas, Texas and the other half in Maine. Kevin was born in Corpus Christi Texas and Cookie is from Auburn Maine. We are proud to be the founders of The power To Help foundation. www.thepowertohelp.com



Ariane & Tracy are excited to participate in the Fireball Run for the third year in a row. Both women are committed to aiding charities benefiting children through multiple types of endeavors in each of their communities. Therefore, although the Ladies can not fix the car, they look forward to driving and navigating it through the great American Frontier. The first year they participated in Fireball Run, the girl that they represented was found alive and returned home. This year they will be passing out the picture of Alexander Erb Sanchez. Please take a moment to look at his picture as well as the picture of all of the other children the Fireball Run teams are representing. You too can help make a difference in the lives of these innocent victims. Thank you!




Kelly Kaminski, a former school teacher, who became a 2x World Champion Rodeo Cowgirl. Kim Dance is a Circuit Champion from the First Frontier Circuit. She owns the Lazy D Ranch in CT. Both are moms and want to help missing children.




Bill and Valerie Sowles live in Yarmouth, ME & own a Volkswagen, Mazda, Porsche, and Audi dealership in Falmouth, Maine. 5 kids are grown and gainfully employed, thus off our payroll. Love the water and spend time at our island house in the summer.


Visit Longmont

Team 37 Visit Longmont is comprised of two successful business owners from Longmont, Colorado, 2013 FBR START LINE CITY. Frank Oliver, owner of Oliver Financial Group, teams up with Sean Owens, Owner of The Dickens Tavern and Opera House. Team #37 took home the most cunning award last year! This year they will be one of the featured teams being filmed for the entire adventure rally!






J. Sanchez is the Executive Producer of the FIREBALL RUN Series and renown branding luminary. Mr. Sanchez has served in several leadership roles; Central Florida Board of Governors, Central Florida Partnership, City of Orlando Goodwill Ambassador,

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Show Host "Raven"

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FBR Command Center

Driver; Ret Navy Vet Brian Hughes. Passengers; On-Camera Talent "Sassy Stef", Series Editor Brandon Miller, Streaming Technical Director Jeremy Gray, Radio Station Manager Andy Raut, Merchandise Managers Tom & Margot.

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The Rangers

Jim is a much sought after nationwide IT consultant with over 20 years in the industry. He also serves as CEO of Orlando Telecom LLC and is a principle in multiple online organizations. Beth is a full time mom to their 3 children.



Returning for their second year of FIREBALL RUN, John Sheehan, executive director of the Seneca Salamanca Chamber of Commerce and Ward “Skip” Wilday, senior vice president at Morgan Stanley, are back and ready to go full speed ahead in this epic adventurally. John and Skip are representing Salamanca, NY, the only city in the US that lies entirely on a Native American territory providing unlimited economic development opportunities! The unstoppable duo with a need for speed and raising awareness of America’s missing children are prepared for FIREBALL RUN 2014. The team has a passion to help find missing children. Skip’s daughter, Kaleigh was killed by a drunk driver when she was 8 years old. It’s a pain no one should have to go through. It’s our mission to help find our missing child and to help spare another family that pain!



GeorgeNunnally Chevy

Gan & Kevin have a passion for family and community. They are excited in representing their home town competing against other teams.



Team IHRA is part of the IRG Sports + Entertainment family of brands. Team IHRA is proud to support the FIREBALL RUN! www.Instagram.com/TeamIHRA


The Patriots

Stan Piurkowski is a 3rd year veteran of the Fireball Run, He is a developer/ builder, both commercial and residential, owns and rents office and store front space in Waterbury CT. He restores American classic cars as a hobby and will sometimes sell one on his master pieces. Stan built the Custom 1962 Ford Ranchero 302 high output with an AOD trans. It is Peter Corel’s 2nd year participating, he is the IT guy for Xtreme Green® (websites, development of digital marketing & campaigns). Please help find Andrea Reyes!


Jet Jockeys

Marisha and Elaine live their lives at full throttle. The are most at home in the cockpit of their 5000 HP jet dragsters. Falk is a pilot and a double alumnus of ERAU. Larsen is the CEO at Larsen Motorsports. They are determined to use their success as motivation to encourage our youth to pursue their dreams. There are no limits land or sky! You can find out more about this dynamic duo go to LMSJETS.com



Sedalia Trailblazers

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Howlyn Dogs





Canadian Beavers

The Beavers have chosen a symble Canada as their Mascot. Entering FIREBALL RUN is a way to give back to the Community & have a lot of fun. Family is a priority for us!



Team Richardson



Team Texas

Flat Twelve Gallery as seen on CNBC's The Car Chasers has partnered with Pennzoil to travel cross country for an amazing cause to find missing Children. The first leg of the rally will be piloted by Jeff Allen and Meg Bailey from Flat 12 Gallery while the second half will be piloted by Penzoil's Don Moser and John Chiboroski.



The CowGirls

2008 Miss Rodeo America and RFD-TV television host Amy Wilson and 10-time WPRA world champion roper Jackie Crawford comprise WPRA’s Team 88-The Cowgirls. The WPRA is the oldest women’s sports organization in in the country headquartered in Colorado




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