Julie Bender and Judge Kathleen Ann Sutula present as always up and ready for BIG FUN and adventure!! From Air Shows to Country Music Concerts, these Girls will be up front ready to meet and greet!! From differing backgrounds, everyone is accepted into their circle, no partisan favorites allowed!!! From The White House to Whitey's Family Restaurant everyone knows their name!! (at one time or another)!

  Julie and Kathleen Ann have been busy distributing flyers and searching the great State of Ohio for their missing Child! With the assistance of law enforcement, especially US Marshall Peter Elliott, ND Ohio and Sheriff Clifford Pinkney they have distributed over 500 flyers, many by email!

  Kathleen is hoping to celebrate the best Birthday ever (9-30) by finding Navaeh!!! Please share her flyer on all your social media sites!!! Copy to the team at KathyAnn930@gmail.com

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