TEAM MEMBER 1: Tom Rauen
- Job Title: CEO – Envision Tees
- Local Boards: Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, Eastern Iowa JDRF, Mercy Health
Foundation, & Dubuque YMCA/YWCA
- Favorite Car: Lamborghini
- Favorite Color: Blue
- Favorite Food: Tacos
- Favorite Animal: Cows
- Why Dubuque is Awesome:
o Dubuque has such a diverse amount of things to do. From concerts and festivals to outdoor recreation and family events, there is always something going on.

- Job Title: Regional General Manager / SMG Arenas Stadiums and Performing Arts Centers
- Local Boards: Travel Dubuque, Dubuque Main Street, America’s River Corporation
- Favorite Motorcycle: Indian Classic Vintage
- Favorite Color: Blue
- Favorite Food: Tenderloins with Gravy Fries and Cheese
- Favorite Animal: Turtles. They are slow by smart and you should always help them across the road.
- Why Dubuque is Awesome:
o The River town where everyone is a neighbor and a bar on every corner. Uber Nice

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