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MAKING A DIFFERENCE: We don't talk - We do.

Fireball Run popular events serve many charitable roles, the most notable of which is "Our Race to Recover America's Missing Children."

The Race to Recover America's Missing Children Foundation started by the participants of the Fireball Run in memory of the plight for all missing kids.

The Fireball Run Adventurally elicits $29 million in media exposure which we focus on our Race to Recover America's Missing Children - the country's largest and longest "active recovery effort" for missing and abducted children.

Every Fireball Run team is assigned a child missing from their home region. While competing in the adventure it's their mission to distribute 1000 posters throughout the journey in an effort to raise awareness for and aid in the recovery of that missing child.

Annually Fireball Run distributes nearly 75,000 posters which to date has aided in the recovery effort of an unprecedented 35 missing children.

PAYING IT FORWARD: Going beyond all other events.

In addition to the recovery efforts for missing kids, Fireball Run teams also make charitable impact in every destination they visit. Fireballers have donated over $20,000 in toys to various children's hospitals, over 6000 books to a Mayors Pre-K initiative, 12 lap top computers and a new computer lab to a Boys and Girls Club. Our list is long and it just keeps growing.

It is the philosophy of the Fireball Run, its Sponsor, and participants that regardless of our level of success it is responsible to help those along our journey whom cannot help themselves. We give a hand up- not a hand out. We don't talk, we do.

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