1. DESTINATION MARKETING 2.0. Destination points of interest are scripted into a popular entertainment series; FIREBALL RUN is the story of you.
  2. NETWORKING. FIREBALL RUN participants are "exclusively" business leaders, industry celebrities, and elected officials.
  3. NEWS. REAL NEWS. $42 million in genuine news coverage from everywhere. Go ahead- Google it!
  4. INDEFINITE EXPOSURE. Social Media, SEO, & viral benefits years after production.
  5. COST-EFFECTIVE. EFFECTIVE. FIREBALL RUN flat out beats the "never-end-spend" of traditional marketing.
  6. MODERN ENTERTAINMENT. Why limit exposure to a "moment" on a network? Way ahead of the old distribution model; the FIREBALL RUN series is watched online & on mobile devices from everywhere at anytime.
  2. HISTORY...
  3. VITALITY...
  4. VIBRANCY...

Does your destination have a unique story to tell? How has your town changed history or the world? Do its residents (the community) exuberate vigor? Is it scenic? Is there economic growth potential? Why would audiences from America to China find your destination interesting and compelling?

FIREBALL RUN is a multi-genre live action production and streaming television series; 40 leadership based teams navigate the nation in an 8 day, 14 city, 2500 mile life-sized trivia pursuit- all while aiding in the recovery of America’s missing children. FIREBALL RUN is the Most Epic Adventurally Series in America.

Nearly every RFP obligation can be satisfied through your local relationships. Many CVB’s and Chambers leverage FIREBALL RUN to raise non-dues revenue.

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"Value that continues to deliver. We've applied again for 2015!"
-Melbourne FL Chamber President,
Christine Michaels

"Hosted in 2010 and have had a team in FIREBALL RUN since, reapplied for 2014! It is what they say it is and does what they say it does" - GALLUP NM Chamber President, Bill Lee

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