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FIREBALL RUN at Universal 5728 Major Blvd, Tower ONE, Studio 310 Orlando, FL 32819

Missing Child

  • Joshua Davis
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    Sturbridge, MA
    DOB 1998-08-09
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  • Patrick Alford
    Brooklynn, NY
    DOB 2002-11-28
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    Fresno, CA
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    Waterville, ME
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2013 FIREBALL RUN/ Riverside, CA.




Riverside, CA.33.953349,-117.396156

"A New 'Side of Classic California"


Fun at the Finish!

Since 1870, Riverside has been a community dedicated to education, culture and creativity. And with the success of the Riverside Renaissance — a powerful, five-year public works initiative — the city is constantly growing to amaze you.


Riverside: It’s where everything is on the line for the Fireball Run — the finish line!

Be there live to witness the 2,500-mile race come down the home stretch, and celebrate alongside the grand finale parade. With endless sunshine and sweet summer fun, Riverside is the hottest spot to enjoy Fireball festivities first-hand.

Come for the race, but stay for the place. It’s all downtown at Main Street Riverside within footsteps of over 600 sleeping rooms, restaurants, bars, the National Landmark Mission Inn Hotel and Spa, the new-look Fox Entertainment Plaza, and six renowned museums.

Celebrated as California’s award-winning City of Arts and Innovation, Riverside reveals numerous ways to experience a new ’side of classic California. Everywhere you look, you’ll find more reasons to delight in this wonderful and welcoming place.

Plus, with Riverside’s $1.6 billion transformation, you’ll discover an invigorating blend of classic charm, contemporary comfort, and a spirit of hospitality that’s unsurpassed in Southern California.

Everyone’s racing to Riverside! For more information, visit or call 888-748-7733.



Mission Inn Hotel & Spa

Dates September 28, 2013

Surrounded by breathtaking architecture, timeless beauty and old-world charm, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa welcomes you to a destination rich history and modern luxury.

RIVERSIDE EVENT CALENDAR: The Festival of Lights illuminates with more than 3.5 million shimmering lights.

RIVERSIDE SPORTS COMMISSION: Riverside is ideal for state, regional, national and international sports events.

CITY OF ARTS: Further your arts appreciation at 6 inspirational museums, including the Riverside Metropolitan.

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FIREBALL RUN at Universal 5728 Major Blvd, Suite 310 Orlando, FL