It's gonna be a Yankee Doodle Dandy! The (2012) FIREBALL RUN Adventurally Friday Sept 21st – Saturday Sept 29th.

If you thought (2011) FIREBALL RUN: Southern Excursion was historic- you've only seen HALF of America's story. 40 teams literally go head-to-head competing in 2012's FIREBALL RUN: Northern Exposure; an 8 day, 15 city, 2500 mile interactive adventure game.

To navigate the route and score, teams will use everything (and everyone) at their disposal solving clues & accomplishing missions based on northern history, geography, and pop culture.

Shea Holbrook and Tarah Benzel

Watch live beginning Saturday September 22nd 9am EST as the 40 character driven teams arrive in their unique rides to Independence Ohio. FIREBALL RUN is live streaming the entire road adventure until its dramatic conclusion Saturday September 29th in Bangor Maine.

To learn more about participation as a team in the 2012 FIREBALL RUN click here. If you're interested in following the action live on-line click here. For FIREBALL RUN updates on your MOBILE PHONE text "fireballrun" to 801-903-2786.

Tina Stull and Timber Tina

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