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Part of the Fireball Run Adventurally & Its Race to Recover America's Missing Children Series; the 2010 FIREBALL RUN Adventurally: American Heroes Challenge started September 25th in Henderson, Nevada and finished 9 days later October 2nd in Galena, Illinois.

Team 10 Skid Markz
Greg Steiniger
Jim Melilo
Ryon Swing

EVENT THEME: The 2010 event was themed in honor of the American Hero, as such the missions and tasks incorporated related to patriotism and heroes both in fact and fiction.

SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Lamborghini Legend, Valentino Balboni was the events special guest star. Valentino adventured all 9 days in his 1/250 "Valentino" Edition Lamborghini (LP 5500). It should be noted Fireball Run Adventurally is Mr. Balboni's first cross-country drive in ANY country, and the first time he rallied with any group of people more than 2 days. "This is the greatest adventure of my life." said Mr Balboni... we are glad to have shared this experience with him.

NOTABLE CAST: Competitors included Fireball Run's first serving term US Mayor entry, Starting Line City Mayor Andy Hafen with his wife Debi as Co-Driver. Fireball Run Adventurally also welcomed its first Official Chamber of Commerce entry; Gallup Area Chamber President, Bill Lee and City of Gallup Director of Economic Development Pete Kelly. Also joining the rally was CNN Commentator and founder of the Klaas Kids foundation, Marc Klaas. Jake Jacobs, host of NBC's Tail Fins & Chrome. Legendary radio personality Mr Ron Seggi of the Ron Seggi Show at Universal Studios. The "Greene" Team, Kenny & Tina, placed second on CBS's Amazing Race TV series.

MOTORSPORTS ACTIVITIES: Fireball Run Adventurally 2010 was the last to incorporate sanctioned road course track events; Las Vegas Speedway & Heartland Park Speedway. Additional competitive motorsport activities included a wet skid challenge, autocross, and School Bus Racing at the Dodge City Raceway, as well as a Drag Strip Challenge at the Cordova Dragway Park.

MILAGE & DESTINATIONS: Approximately 3500 miles. The rally traversed nearly 40 teams, representing nearly 40 missing children through the cities of Williams Arizona, Gallup New Mexico, Lubbock Texas, Dodge City Kansas, Ed Bozarth Chevrolet in Kansas, Chesterfield Missouri, and Cedar Rapids Iowa. Competitors also visited interactive (Passage Control) cities of Kingman Arizona, Winslow Arizona, Santa Rosa New Mexico, Canyon Texas, Salina Kansas, Marshal Missouri, and Cordova Illinois.

THE DRAMA: See the Journals section of the 2010 teams.


  • 2010 FIREBALL RUN Adventurally was the first rally to have a female organizer.

  • The Back to the Future II movie time car was the sole movie car of the event.

  • Fireball Run added its first official announcer; legendary radio host Ron Seggi.

  • 2010 was the first Fireball Run billed as "Adventurally".

  • Fireball Run founder JJ Sanchez was Valentino Balboni's passenger for the entire rally, and thus Mr Sanchez is the longest person to serve as Co-Driver to Mr Balboni.

  • Unlike previous Fireball Run's the 2010 event was filmed and edited chronologically.

  • The vehicle originally to be driven by Mr Klaas was a prototype Chevy Cruz, however the vehicle was replaced by Chevrolet with an electric green 2011 Camaro at the last minute.

  • Just two days before the event start Lamborghini's Ad Agency originally refused to provide a Lamborghini for Mr Valentino, noting "the vehicle would lose too much value" based on event mileage. When he found out, Valentino made a personal call to the President of Lamborghini Automobili, who immediately made available to him a brand new 1/250 signature edition LP5500 Gallardo for use in the rally and was quoted as saying "BatMan is not going to show up in Spiderman's car, Mr Valentino will indeed be driving his signature edition Gallardo."

  • A reproduction K.I.T.T. was originally registered into the event, however it was involved in an accident on its way to the event and was replaced by a rental Ford Mustang.

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